Between No Longer And Not Yet at Zone2Source

This summer, Zone2Source invites artist Xandra van der Eijk for a research exhibition in het Glazen Huis in which they will present new and exisiting works while researching the Amstelpark and the Amstel river.

The Amstelpark lies directly along the Amstel, a remnant of a northern arm of the Rhine delta. Once a boggy piece of estuary, it is now a high-level, dammed water with no clear beginning and no clear end, with technology allowing it to flow in all directions. The Amstelpark lies on the edge of where the last ice cap once reached, which changed the course of the Rhine from a northerly flow to a westerly one, as we know it today.

For their solo exhibition Between No Longer and Not Yet, Van der Eijk employs artistic methodologies to gain a better understanding of the Rhine Delta. Solitary and collective field and archival research, material experimentation and technological mediation are implemented to allow us to listen to the river itself. Xandra’s practice is an attempt to co-create with the river, tapping into the artistic knowledge from its sediment, water, riverbank plants, seeds, stones and other inhabitants to gain a better understanding of the river as a living entity.

Between No Longer and Not Yet is part of a series of solo projects in which Zone2Source invites artists to use the exhibition and the park as a living laboratory for co-creation and collective research, together with with human and other-than-human actors of the Amstelpark. In doing so, the public becomes part of both the results as well as the artist’s artistic processes through various public programmes.

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