MA Ecology Futures has started

Since April I have been working on designing the brand new Master program of the Master Institute of Visual Cultures at AKV|St.Joost: Ecology Futures. I am proud to announce the first two modules have started and are running until Christmas. The modules are elective to all students of the Master Institute.

Decolonizing Ecological Futures

In the context of the ecological crisis, non-western narratives have emerged as innovative and inspirational perspectives when thinking about current global issues. However, those narratives carry the risk to be subalternalized, extractivized and culturally appropriated by the hegemonic western perspective. The course Decolonizing Ecological Futures aims to raise and design the inter-cultural dialogue.

Led by: Xandra van der Eijk, Milton Almonacid & Darko Lagunas

Eco-Materials Culture

Eco-Materials Culture is directed towards experimentation with waste streams and (micro) biological methodologies as well as tracing back the origin of resources with its cultural, political and social impact. It is linked to the brand new Material Incubator lab that has been installed at AKV|St. Joost Den Bosch.

Led by: Ana Lisa Alperovich

More information: Ecology Futures

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