Contain, Corrode

2017 — Dutch Invertuals
Waterworks are one of the most extensive anthropogenic structures of our time, yet they remain hidden from sight. Underground, the power struggle between man and environment unfolds over time.

In an ecosystem filled with water and iron, microbial life thrives, setting a diversity of chemical processes in motion. Slowly, the placed structures are eaten away from within, transforming the cast iron back to its original iron ore state. In response, new techniques and materials are developed by man, and replaced in the earth — and the delicate dance continues.

Contain, Corrode shows parts of replaced waterworks, uncovering the marks of an ongoing process. Replaced by the material of the Anthropocene -plastic-, soon cast iron pipes will be a thing of the past, and the objects will become artifacts of our time.

Fundamentals — Dutch Invertuals

Contain, Corrode was developed specifically for the exhibition Fundamentals by Dutch Invertuals.

45 Invertuals reveal more than 800 objects that normally remain hidden in the archives of their studios. They offer a glimpse into their private collections, resulting in a distinct reflection of their personal identities. Sharing these inspirational artifacts allows the visitors to experience various views on form, material, and beauty.

For this exhibition, the designers take their personal collections and identities as a starting point to create a container that manifests their ‘Fundamentals’. These individually made products offer comprehensive insights into their various design practices, reflecting diverse personal visions. Since the origin of mankind, containers have been used as basic tools with a common typology to store and transport objects or materials.

Altogether, the exhibition creates a portrait of a generation of young and established designers that have shaped the collective of Dutch Invertuals.